TiMax immersive spatial audio, Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas
TiMax spatial & immersive 3D audio Axwell & Ingrosso EDM club dance Creamfields Festival
TiMax spatial audio, 7.1 Protools 3D immersive surround, Atlantis Shuttle Experience, Kennedy Space Centre
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TiMax spatial mix and immersive audio, NAIA auto show, Detroit
 TiMax spatial mix and immersive audio, The Hive, Milan Expo
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TiMax immersive spatial audio, Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

Focusrite plc purchase Innovate Audio to support immersive sound strategy

Focusrite plc has announced the acquisition of UK-based Innovate Audio, the company behind the popular panLab spatial audio solutions. This follows the earlier acquisition of TiMax and builds upon Focusrite Group’s commitment to immersive sound.

With the acquisition it has been agreed that panLab solutions will join the TiMax brand, meaning TiMax can now offer the most comprehensive range of immersive sound solutions on the market, with everything from entry-level panning software through to full delay-matrix spatial processors and performer stagetracking. Innovate Audio founder, Dan Higgott, will also join TiMax as a Senior Product Developer.

Both panLab 3 and panLab Console have proved popular with sound designers the world over with over 10,000 downloads achieved and the solutions being used in iconic venues from Sydney Opera House to the National Theatre. With panLab 3 users enjoy a spatial audio mixing solution, built to work seamless with QLab that is typically up and running in 5 minutes. With panLab Console, users can achieve an object-based audio workflow, whilst utilising the console they already own. The macOS app adds spatial audio capabilities to a range of digital mixing consoles with mixer Input and Output Channels becoming objects on the panner.

By extending the Focusrite Group's business into new products and markets, which complement its existing offerings within the Audio Reproduction business, the acquisition is strategically aligned with the Group's previously communicated aims of growing the core customer base, expanding into new markets, and increasing lifetime value for customers.

Tim Carroll, CEO of Focusrite commented:

"The acquisition of Innovate Audio represents another strategic expansion within our Audio Reproduction business, enhancing our product range and building a customer journey into Immersive Audio. From cost effective simple panning to the most advanced TiMax solutions, we now have the most complete line up in the sector. We are an immersive sound powerhouse of comprehensive solutions, and this aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver exceptional audio experiences within live and installed environments. I’m also delighted to welcome Dan Higgott to the fold, who I know will make a significant contribution to the TiMax team moving forward.

Dan Higgott, founder of Innovate Audio, commented:

"I am absolutely thrilled that Innovate Audio is joining the Focusrite Group. This opportunity marks an exciting new chapter for both Innovate Audio and me personally. Our spatial audio products panLab and panLab Console now have an exciting new home, where they can thrive and integrate with world class brands. I am delighted to be joining the brilliant Dave Haydon and Robin Whittaker, as we deliver an extremely exciting roadmap of new products to the TiMax family.”

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