TiMax immersive spatial audio, Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas
TiMax spatial & immersive 3D audio Axwell & Ingrosso EDM club dance Creamfields Festival
TiMax spatial audio, 7.1 Protools 3D immersive surround, Atlantis Shuttle Experience, Kennedy Space Centre
TiMax spatial audio mix,
TiMax spatial mix and immersive audio, NAIA auto show, Detroit
 TiMax spatial mix and immersive audio, The Hive, Milan Expo
TiMax Basel Tattoo spatial audio mix
TiMax immersive spatial audio, Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas

Dan Roncoroni defines new role of product manager for TiMax

TiMax – the pioneering developer of object-based audio and show management technology – have welcomed Dan Roncoroni to the leadership team in the newly created role of Product Manager for TiMax.

Dan brings a wide sphere of product knowledge and market experience to the job. For over ten years Dan has established his presence as a freelance AV consultant specialising in multi-channel, object-based audio design. His understanding of the market and the products within it is unrivalled, which defined Dan as the right choice for the position.

As Product Manager for TiMax, Dan will help expand the presence of TiMax across the broad spectrum of performance, presentation and experiential markets where TiMax excels.  The position incorporates business development, product management, and application support for the expansive distribution network which continues to grow for TiMax. Through his exhaustive contact network of consultants, integrators and end users, Dan will develop the business into current and new market spaces, whilst reflecting customer requirements into future product development.

The new role of product manager progresses the work evolved by TiMax directors Robin Whittaker and Dave Haydon, respectively Product Director and Commercial Director, following the move of TiMax into the Focusrite Group late last year.  

Dan said, “I’m looking forward to working with a set of products that has had such an impact on what I do. I’ve worked with every spatial audio product on the market, but TiMax has been my go-to solution. In the six years since I discovered TiMax, no other product has matched its power and versatility. With my understanding of the product and where the market is at, I hope to add much to the brilliance of the product”.

Dave Haydon, said, “Robin and I are delighted and privileged to have Dan join in this new product management role; he brings so much to it in terms of his understanding of the relevant market sectors and potential new directions as well as his vision for product development.”

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